Audio track exporting & Technical Information

Before accessing WeTransfer, from which you can send us your stems, it is important that you export the audio tracks correctly. Here are a few easy steps to do it easily.

Track preparation:

While exporting your project’s tracks, make sure that each track has the same starting point, and that any effects or automation you want are applied.

There are several ways to make sure your effects and automation are applied to each track while exporting. The easiest way is to create as many bounces (mixdowns) as the number of the tracks, making sure that they all have the same starting point. Here is an example: if in your song there is a guitar riff at bar 20, you will always have to export the song from the beginning, keeping the whole section before bar 20 empty.

If your session uses one or more auxiliary tracks for effect returns, make sure you export them as well. Once you have exported the single tracks, we always recommend to import them into a new session to make sure everything is in sync.

  • All audio tracks must have the same starting point

  • Maximum number of tracks: 16 stereo.

  • Maximum duration of a song: 10 minutes.

  • We accept the following file formats: wav, aiff, 44/48Khz, 16/24bit.

  • We accept .rar files (both for PC and Macintosh).

  • Tracks will have to be already equalized, compressed, effected, and have the correct volume level.

  • Our service is limited to the analog sum of the tracks in the state we received them.

  • We will not provide any kind of editing.

  • Tracks will be imported into Protools HD, converted through a Digidesign 192 HD System, split out to 32 channels of our Neve VR, and summed at 0 (zero) dB. After that, we'll mastering the analog summing.